Welcome to the Early Childhood Center

The time flies by. One minute your child is just learning to walk and the next she is running across the playground. One minute he’s babbling in the highchair and the next he’s seated at a worktable writing his name.

As a parent, you know that the Early Childhood years are a time of rapid growth. You recognize that your child needs different levels of support and challenge at each new stage of development. You probably also know that, for young children, learning should be joyful and play-based. Does that mean all preschool programs are the same and  all you need are wooden blocks, crayons, and a playground? Clearly, the answer is no.  Highly-qualified Early Childhood educators are able to create developmentally appropriate learning environments and engaging challenges that will promote social, emotional, cognitive, creative, and physical growth; nurture school readiness skills; and meet the individual needs of your child. Your child deserves the best possible start, which means finding a warm, engaging educational environment where each child is known and valued­—a place where highly-qualified educators will foster a love of learning. For generations of local children, that special place has been Lake Forest Country Day School.

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Students benefit from...
  • Two highly-qualified co-teachers per classroom who offer lots of personal attention due to small class sizes.
  • A faculty who understands Early Childhood development as well as how learning in these years links to grades 1-8 curricula to establish a strong foundation for academic success. 
  • A developmentally appropriate, coherently sequenced curriculum that focuses on the whole child, developing five learning domains (Language, Physical, Cognitive, Social-Emotional, Creative).
  • A commitment to experiential learning, where learning through play is encouraged and students regularly engage in hands-on learning activities.
  • Our Responsive Classroom™ teaching philosophy, which stands apart from other public and private school programs with its emphasis on a positive social and emotional environment as the foundation for academic excellence.
  • Large, attractive, sunlit classrooms and easy access to two playgrounds (one for children aged 2 and the other for children ages 3-6).
  • A Parent Relations program that offers support in creating smooth home to school transitions for young learners and helps parents find ways to extend children's learning beyond the classroom.