Welcome to Lower School

Best friends. Math facts. A loose tooth. Chapter books. The early years of elementary school are an exciting time for your child. During these years, you want your child to acquire the skills and learning habits that establish a strong academic foundation.  

At Lake Forest Country Day School, the Lower School curriculum allows each student the opportunity to discover his or her physical, creative, social, and academic strengths. Our experienced faculty is dedicated to high academic standards and to providing the individual attention that each child needs to fulfill his or her potential.  We see social and academic skills as inextrictably linked, so we strive to create a respectful, safe atmosphere where students can explore personal interests and take responsible risks while developing academic skills and knowledge.

Small class sizes, individual attention and differentiated instructional strategies ensure that each child has the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential. Teachers partner with parents to support students' budding independence and help them identify how they learn best.

Students benefit from:
  • A developmentally appropriate, coherently sequenced, and integrated curriculum in language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, world languages, fine arts, physical education and wellness, and library and information technology.
  • A commitment to developing important Habits of Mind, critical thinking and creative problem solving, collaboration and communication skills, curiosity, and imagination.
  • Our Responsive Classroom™ teaching philosophy, which stands apart from other public and private school programs with its emphasis on a positive social and emotional environment as the foundation for academic excellence.
  • A faculty who understands brain and child development and works collaboratively to engage students in a variety of learning experiences that encourage making connections, building understanding, and taking ownership of learning.
  • A commitment to experiential learning where students' learning is enriched with field trips to Lake Forest Open Lands, the symphony, the theater, and a variety of historic sites.
  • A compassionate school environnment that values personal responsibility, diversity, and openness to different points of view.