Welcome to Upper School

Welcome to the middle school years. A new daily schedule. An advisor. Team sports. And your very own ePAL! After the years spent in the ECC and Lower School, fifth-grade students are always excited to cross the threshold into Upper School. There, they begin to take on more responsibility in every area of their lives. Teachers provide encouragement and support to help students grow in self-awareness and self-discipline so they can manage the increasingly challenging coursework. At LFCDS, we also place an emphasis on social-emotional growth. Each student has an advisor to whom he or she can turn for assistance. A Middle School Counselor is also available to help students adjust to the transition or negotiate friendship dynamics that may be changing as students mature and explore new interests. 

The Upper School experience at Lake Forest Country Day School offers a challenging, yet engaging curriculum coupled with the skills needed to flourish in a 21st Century world.

Students benefit from...
  • The School's strong commitment to offering excellent academic preparation in all subjects and opportunities to participate in extracurricular arts and athletics programs.
  • An emphasis on 21st century skills, including information literacy, the productive use of technology tools, and digital citizenship.
  • Our Affective Education Initiative, which places an emphasis on developing students’ self-awareness and resilience as well as creating a positive social and emotional environment as the foundation for academic excellence.
  • A faculty who understands brain and child development and works collaboratively to engage students in a variety of learning experiences that encourage making connections, building understanding, and taking ownership of learning.
  • A commitment to experiential learning where students' learning is enriched with field trips to Lake Forest Open Lands, the symphony, the theater, and a variety of historic sites.
  • A compassionate school environment that values personal responsibility, diversity, and openness to different points of view.
  • Expert assistance with the transition to selective high schools.