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STEM+ Innovation Spaces

Spaces to Explore
At LFCDS, we believe students need spaces where they can freely create, innovate, build, test, and explore. Our STEM+ (Science Technology Engineering Math) curriculum allows students to take the initiative when it comes to designing their own projects. We have provided them with 5 separate "Innovation Spaces" at the school in order to encourage this creativity. Outfitted with state-of-the art technology, these spaces are enjoyed by students on a daily basis. Our 5 Innovation Spaces are: 1) Innovation Lab 2) Upper School Lego Robotics Room 3) Lower School Lego Robotics Room 4) Tinker Lab 5) Outdoor Classroom
1) Innovation Lab
The Innovation Lab is where the majority of STEM+ related projects occur. Power tools, a 3-D printer, film equipment and software with a green screen, and mac computers are just a few of the technological capacities that this special room has to offer. Upper School students can be seen building C02 dragsters or constructing balsa wood house models, among other projects, during their tutorial times and in between classes.
3) Lower School Robotics Room
The Lower School Robotics room is used by students from senior kindergarten through Grade 4 and offers them a chance to become acquainted with Lego Robotics technology. This room helps prepare students for the rigorous STEM+ curriculum that takes place in the Upper School. LFCDS STEM+ teachers believe offering these creative endeavors to younger students is vital to their science and math-related skill set development.
5) Outdoor Laboratory
Donated by the Greene Family in honor of Sally & Bob Bullard, the Outdoor Laboratory provides a space for students to connect with nature. Located to the south of the school, the outdoor classroom is a recently restored nature preserve. The space allows students to become active in our study of ecosystems and help them understand how to manage and maintain these areas, as it is essentially a living lab. Outdoor projects are numerous and incorporate many different areas of the STEM+ curriculum.
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2) Upper School Lego Robotics Room
The Upper School Lego Robotics Room houses 2 full-sized Lego Robotics competition tables, dozens of blue-tooth motorized Lego robots, Lego engineering software, moon-bots and a mock lunar-landscape, and many more fun gadgets. This room is used by seventh-grade STEM+ students practicing for the annual Lego Robotics tournament, and other STEM+ Upper School students who want to build their latest robots.
4) Tinker Lab
The Tinker Lab is a space designed to allow Lower School students a place to explore their creativity and develop design and engineering skills. There is no set structure, rather a variety of materials that allow students the freedom to build what they can think of. The lab consists of different building materials that students can use to create a variety of items. Whether it is tinker toys, Legos, or Arduinos, we want to provide the students a variety of materials to capture diverse interests.