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Diversity & Inclusion

Lake Forest Country Day School is committed to knowing and loving every child in our School.
-- Joy Hurd, Head of School
At Lake Forest Country Day School, Diversity is one of our five Core Values. The School believes that exposure to differences fosters an enriched education. Thus, we invite and embrace a diverse community that reflects distinctive and different backgrounds, origins, perspectives, and talents to the benefit of all. In 2016, the LFCDS Board of Trustees adapted a Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement to underscore and to direct the School's efforts to cultivate a community of compassionate, imaginative, and curious learners with the ability to communicate and thrive in a global environment.

LFCDS Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement

Lake Forest Country Day School is committed to knowing and loving every child in our School and strives to ensure that all of our School community members feel welcomed and valued when they walk through our door. Central to our mission is that we value the similarities and differences of perspectives and the interdependence of all people. LFCDS believes that diversity fosters rich academic and developmental outcomes for our children and is a cornerstone of a strong community. Lake Forest Country Day produces students who can investigate the world, formulate their own perspectives, respect those of others, communicate diverse ideas and be action-oriented global citizens.
  • LFCDS Bullying and Interpersonal Misconduct Policy
    The LFCDS Policy Against Bullying and Other Forms of Interpersonal Misconduct (the “Policy”), linked above, is published in alignment with Illinois law against bullying and is an integral part of our efforts to promote learning and to prevent behavior that can impede the learning process. Our Policy articulates LFCDS’ comprehensive approach to preventing and addressing interpersonal misconduct.
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