Our enthusiastic fourth-grade students are well prepared for their roles as leaders of the Lower School. A morning of orientation to build community and discuss leadership opportunities and responsibilities occurs before school formally begins. They have developed strong foundational skills in all areas; they are ready to meet increased expectations and to be positive role models for younger students; and they are blossoming into confident, collaborative, and capable students and communicators. 

Most of the time boys and girls willingly work together, and they enjoy whole-class as well as small-group activities, particularly when a goal needs to be accomplished. They can be both competitive and cooperative—quick to react and quick to forgive—which plays out during physical education classes as well as at recess. They have matured and are open to independently using the mediation and problem-solving skills they have learned. Plenty of physical challenges and outdoor play are necessary for their quickly developing muscles.

Our strong fine arts program provides new opportunities for our fourth-grade students. Drama classes hone skills as they interpret literature from different cultures and genre through “story theatre” activities; vocal projection and articulation skills are practiced and applied in other situations, particularly in their role as leaders of weekly Lower School Community Meetings, a coveted leadership opportunity. They learn to play the recorder in music class, and former students find themselves reminiscing about the fun (and joining in!) during performances of “The Fifty Nifty United States.” Exposure to other cultures is experienced in fine arts as well as world language classes with the goal of developing understanding and acceptance of others.

Highlights of the Fourth-Grade Experience

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  • Protectors of the Earth

    Protect and restore a local ecosystem through the Earth Keeper Program at Lake Forest Open Lands
  • Experience Three World Languages

    Students explore Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and French, supporting their study of immigration and helping them make an informed choice on which language to study in Upper School
  • The Immigrant Experience

    Reenact the immigrant experience at Ellis Island
  • Computing Experts

    Use laptops through the LFCDS 1:1 computing
  • Creating Relationships

    Forge relationships in the School through House System Events with multi-age "family members"
  • Music Makers

    Learn to play the recorder
  • Future Leaders

    Demonstrate leadership skills by managing recycling, leading Community Meetings, supervising lunch tables, and leading parent conferences
  • Reliving History

    Research and portray an historical figure in the LFCDS Living History Museum

Curriculum Guide


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  • Photo of Scott Baeseman

    Scott Baeseman 

    Chair of the Fine Arts Department, Music Teacher, Chorus
    (847) 615-6185
  • Photo of Katie Bowler

    Katie Bowler 

    Grade 4 Teacher (4KB)
    (847) 615-6146
  • Photo of Nan Caldwell

    Nan Caldwell 

    Chair of World Language, Spanish Teacher, US Coordinator of Community Service
    (847) 615-6166
  • Photo of Mark DeBernardi

    Mark DeBernardi 

    Visual Art Teacher
    (847) 615-6179
  • Photo of Rachel Diaz

    Rachel Diaz 

    Assistant Head of Lower School and ECC
    (847) 615-6243
  • Photo of Laura Gabriel

    Laura Gabriel 

    French Teacher
    (847) 615-6240
  • Photo of Jason Gronkiewicz-Doran

    Jason Gronkiewicz-Doran 

    Grade 6 Social Studies Teacher
    (847) 615-6164
  • Photo of Paul Hedlund

    Paul Hedlund 

    Fourth-Grade Teacher (4PH), Fourth-Grade Team Leader
    (847) 615-6173
  • Photo of Kevin Nicholson

    Kevin Nicholson 

    Early Childhood & Lower School Science Teacher
    (847) 615-6154
  • Photo of Nicky Pitman

    Nicky Pitman 

    Drama Teacher
    (847) 615-6181
  • Photo of William Scroggins

    William Scroggins 

    Physical Education & Wellness Teacher
    (847) 615-6232
  • Photo of Suzanne Stanczak

    Suzanne Stanczak 

    Physical Education & Wellness Teacher
    (847) 615-6122
  • Photo of Rhonda Venard-Darin

    Rhonda Venard-Darin 

    Visual Art Teacher
    (847) 615-6180
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