At LFCDS, we believe that at this age, children should be well-rounded individuals who appreciate and enjoy all facets of education and whose learning activities are often inquiry-based. They should also have opportunities to discover the interconnectedness of the subjects they study and be given ample opportunities for social and physical development. Students begin to discover their own learning style. Therefore, it is important that our program reflects this exploration and discovery by providing learning and assessment experiences in all modalities.

We strive to expose students to the highest academic standards; standards that are maintained through a child-centered, developmental approach to teaching. Students are in transition from concrete to abstract thinking. Risk-taking, independence, ownership of learning, and self-esteem are important qualities to encourage during this critical phase in their development.

Learning is an ongoing adventure with many challenges ahead. Sometimes these challenges can be intimidating. In fifth grade, we focus on communication in order to overcome fears. By giving consideration to each other’s ideas, students create thoughtful work and build relationships. Sharing ideas and helping one another understand values is embedded in many learning opportunity throughout the year.

Fifth grade emphasizes: Self-Advocacy, Technology, Organization, Research, Problem-Solving, Co-operative Learning, Active, Hands-on Learning, Higher-Order Thinking, and Interdisciplinary Work

Highlights of the Fifth-Grade Experience

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  • Honor Code

    Memorize and learn to abide by the Honor Code
  • Responsible Computing

    Trade in classroom  only computers for the ePal that can be used both at School and at home
  • Outdoor Education

    Experience Outdoor Education with team building opportunities
  • Organizational Tools

    Learn to use new organizational tools such as the LFCDS Portal for keeping track of assignments
  • Advisory Groups

    Participate in Advisory group discussions and activities exploring both group dynamics and individual strengths
  • Field Trips

    Go on downtown Chicago field trips such as the Chicago Civic Orchestra, the Field Museum, and the Robie House
  • Robbie Bermingham Speaking Contest

    Take part in the annual Robbie Bermingham Speaking Contest
  • Future Scientists

    Build a Rube Goldberg-type device to demonstrate understanding of simple machines
  • Student Led Conferences

    Conduct Student Led Confereces to share academic progress with parents
  • Performing Artists

    Try an instrument in the band program
  • Extracurricular Opportunities

    Take part in extracurricular opportunities such as fifth- and sixth-grade chorus and organized sports

Curriculum Guide


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