Sixth-grade students are bright and ready for a deeper understanding of many subjects. Their intellectual skills are expanding and they may begin to excel at a subject or skill. They are able to see the world from various perspectives, and are concerned with rules and fairness. They begin to challenge adult explanations and their own assumptions.

At LFCDS, in order to help things grade students thrive as they broaden their horizons, sixth grade focuses on the use of executive functions to bring their learning to a new level. These include: organization, time management, study skills, note taking, and test taking. Sixth grade also gives students an opportunity to shine as leaders as they lead their own conferences. This causes them to reflect on their own progress as advisors lead them in the process.

Five common procedures across the sixth grade at LFCDS ensure that students can excel in all areas. These are: Academic focus, Homework, Panther Pride, Assignment Management, and Technology/Communication. By assuring that these five aspects are emphasized across the grade, students have the ability to increase their achievement while they enjoy a unified experience across classes.

In sixth grade, students are undergoing many changes. In order to help studenst flourish during this year, we focus on a variety of social-emotional aspects as well as ondoing academic rigor. Students notice that they are growing and undergoing physical changes, and they also experiencing complex social and emotional developments. Sixth-grade students are deeply aware of peer opinions and are increasingly focused on the self. LFCDS supports this need for community validation and individual recognition through the sixth-grade covenant. Unique to this grade level, the covenant is written by students and signed by each student in a ceremony. The covenant is then framed and hung by student lockers to remind them of the community standards to which they have agreed. This covenant allows students to build relationships in a safe and constructive manner even as they learn new social skills and begin to get to know themselves in a new way.

Highlights of the Sixth-Grade Experience

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  • Extracurricular Opportunities

    Take part in new extracurricular opportunities such as the fifth- and sixth-grade chorus and concert band
  • Field Trips

    Partake in the Springfield Field Trip and explore the State Capital, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, and the Lincoln New Salem historic site
  • Future Scientists

    Engage in Wetlands Restoration and the Mars Student Imaging Project in science class
  • Outdoor Education

    Experience Outdoor Education, including team-building activities and group relationship-buildingat Camp McLean
  • Robbie Bermingham Speaking Contest

    Compete in the annual Robbie Bermingham Speaking Contest

Curriculum Guide


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  • Photo of Mark Arthur

    Mark Arthur 

    Chair of Science Department, Upper School Science Teacher
    (847) 615-6161
  • Photo of Nan Caldwell

    Nan Caldwell 

    Chair of World Language, Spanish Teacher, US Coordinator of Community Service
    (847) 615-6166
  • Photo of Mark DeBernardi

    Mark DeBernardi 

    Visual Art Teacher
    (847) 615-6179
  • Photo of Jason Gronkiewicz-Doran

    Jason Gronkiewicz-Doran 

    Grade 6 Social Studies Teacher
    (847) 615-6164
  • Photo of Ben Haight

    Ben Haight 

    Upper School Social Studies Teacher, Grade 8 Team Leader
    (847) 615-6176
  • Photo of Egan Kim

    Egan Kim 

    Upper School Mathematics Teacher
    (847) 615-6155
  • Photo of Nicky Pitman

    Nicky Pitman 

    Drama Teacher
    (847) 615-6181
  • Photo of Ami Polonsky

    Ami Polonsky 

    Chair of English Department; Co-Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee; Upper School English
    (847) 615-6158
  • Photo of William Scroggins

    William Scroggins 

    Physical Education & Wellness Teacher
    (847) 615-6232
  • Photo of Suzanne Stanczak

    Suzanne Stanczak 

    Physical Education & Wellness Teacher
    (847) 615-6122
  • Photo of Taylor Stuckslager

    Taylor Stuckslager 

    Upper School Mathematics Teacher, Math Department Chair
    (847) 615-6134
  • Photo of Grant Tabor

    Grant Tabor 

    Music Teacher, Band Instructor
    (847) 615-6182
  • Photo of Rhonda Venard-Darin

    Rhonda Venard-Darin 

    Visual Art Teacher
    (847) 615-6180
  • Photo of Nancy Watson

    Nancy Watson 

    School Social Worker - LCSW/CADC
    (847) 615-6163
  • Photo of Katherine Willis

    Katherine Willis 

    (847) 615-6129
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