Seventh grade finds our students squarely in the midst of the developmental process of forming and exploring their identity.  Our advisory program optimizes this transformative period by utilizing evidenced-based exercises that help students begin to identify current character strengths and those they wish to cultivate.  Students are asked to explore questions such as: Who am I? Who do I want to be in the world?  How can I develop and enhance my strengths? They ponder such personal qualities as resilience, kindness, grit, empathy, courage, humor, and curiosity among others.

Research reveals that character building helps create positive emotional and mental well-being. The advisory structure allows students to explore, reflect, and make connections with their peers. Additionally, students learn to internalize and take ownership of skills that make them unique, which results in them excelling at what they are good at and finding their place in the world.  Advisory continues to be a time to assist students as they find their place socially, to allow them to feel secure academically, and to celebrate special days and milestones.  

Academically, students at LFCDS continue to strive for excellence as they explore areas such as drama technique, art history, world music and drumming, world culture and US history, and Lego Robotics. More opportunities to embrace critical thinking and abstract reasoning occur. Students begin to have greater grade awareness as they see what a cumulative GPA looks like, and they seek to improve their academic achievements even as they enjoy more meaningful social interactions. 

Highlights of the Seventh-Grade Experience

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  • Outdoor Education

    Experience team building during an overnight trip to Camp Matawa in Wisconsin
  • Extracurricular Experiences

    Attend School dances and participate in student government
  • Field Trips

    Go on downtown Chicago field trips including the Oriental Institute and the Smart Museum at the University of Chicago
  • Robbie Bermingham Speaking Contest

    Take part in the annual Robbie Bermingham Speaking Contest
  • Performing Artists

    Experience world culture through African drumming
  • History Comes to Life

    Portray a Russian historical character in social studies
  • SSAT

    Take the SSAT and start exploring options for secondary school
  • Varsity Sports

    Participate in varsity sports
  • World Language Cultural Experience

    Enjoy a world language immersion lunch at a local restaurant
  • Community Service

    Engage in the North Chicago community partnership opportunity with neighboring schools
  • Future Scientists

    Participate in the First LEGO League Robotics Tournament

Curriculum Guide


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  • Photo of Mark Arthur

    Mark Arthur 

    Chair of Science Department, Upper School Science Teacher
    (847) 615-6161
  • Photo of Scott Baeseman

    Scott Baeseman 

    Chair of the Fine Arts Department, Music Teacher, Chorus
    (847) 615-6185
  • Photo of Kim Bell

    Kim Bell 

    Upper School English Teacher, Grade 7 Team Leader; Assistant Head of Up
    (847) 615-6175
  • Photo of Nan Caldwell

    Nan Caldwell 

    Chair of World Language, Spanish Teacher, US Coordinator of Community Service
    (847) 615-6166
  • Photo of Mark DeBernardi

    Mark DeBernardi 

    Visual Art Teacher
    (847) 615-6179
  • Photo of Laura Gabriel

    Laura Gabriel 

    French Teacher
    (847) 615-6240
  • Photo of Jason Gronkiewicz-Doran

    Jason Gronkiewicz-Doran 

    Grade 6 Social Studies Teacher
    (847) 615-6164
  • Photo of Ben Haight

    Ben Haight 

    Upper School Social Studies Teacher, Grade 8 Team Leader
    (847) 615-6176
  • Photo of Amy Hintzman

    Amy Hintzman 

    Upper School Science Teacher
    (847) 615-6115
  • Photo of Egan Kim

    Egan Kim 

    Upper School Mathematics Teacher
    (847) 615-6155
  • Photo of Marcia Mann

    Marcia Mann 

    Chair of the English Department, Upper School English Teacher
    (847) 615-6157
  • Photo of Sarah McCauley

    Sarah McCauley 

    Upper School Mathematics Teacher, Grade 7 Team Leader
    (847) 615-6159
  • Photo of Greg McDonough

    Greg McDonough 

    Innovation Space Coordinator, STEM+ Teacher
    (847) 615-6220
  • Photo of Nicky Pitman

    Nicky Pitman 

    Drama Teacher
    (847) 615-6181
  • Photo of Stephen Robnick

    Stephen Robnick 

    Upper School Science Teacher, Grade 5 Team Leader
    (847) 615-6162
  • Photo of William Scroggins

    William Scroggins 

    Physical Education & Wellness Teacher
    (847) 615-6232
  • Photo of Suzanne Stanczak

    Suzanne Stanczak 

    Physical Education & Wellness Teacher
    (847) 615-6122
  • Photo of Ted Stewart

    Ted Stewart 

    Director of Student Programs and Engagement
    (847) 615-6132
  • Photo of Taylor Stuckslager

    Taylor Stuckslager 

    Upper School Mathematics Teacher, Math Department Chair
    (847) 615-6134
  • Photo of Nancy Watson

    Nancy Watson 

    School Social Worker - LCSW/CADC
    (847) 615-6163
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