In eighth grade, our faculty creates a bond of trust and respect with students—and these relationships last long after graduation. We believe that open, coordinated communication leads to the most effective team of faculty, parents, and students. Our goal is to increase student self-advocacy as they take on more responsibility.

We prepare students to succeed in secondary school, college, and beyond. Students graduate from LFCDS with superior academic preparation in all subjects (including fully integrated foreign language and arts programs), consistently earning them placement in advanced classes. Equally important, we produce graduates who have the skills to succeed as twenty-first century learners. Our graduates exude the self-confidence and intellectual curiosity necessary to flourish, cultivate new interests, and think critically. As a learning community, we value these achievements and are proud of our students’ success.

Experiences such as the Washington, DC trip, world language trips, various Chicago field trips, the eighth-grade drama production, and the "This I Believe" project allow students to explore their world as they begin to venture out in their own thoughts and risk-taking. These projects allow them to express their thoughts in academically meaningful ways as they explore using their own voice and gain poise as public speakers and global thinkers.  

LFCDS graduates are extraordinary individuals, learners, and citizens of a global age. They are independent thinkers who are well-equipped to flourish in future academic and career settings. Our graduates know how to use state-of-the-art technology to find, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information. They have learned time-management skills, take organized notes, and express themselves expertly both orally and in writing. In-depth studies of foreign languages and world cultures prepare them to become global citizens. Hands-on participation in the fine arts and visual arts teaches them the skills to be lifelong students of culture.

Highlights of the Eighth-Grade Experience

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  • World Language Experiences

    Travel and practice a world lanaguage with French, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese native speakers
  • Personal Mission Statement

    Reflect on personal values and write a thoughtful "This I Believe" statement
  • Experience Shakespeare

    Read and view a Shakespeare play performed by the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre
  • Advanced Math

    Study linear regression in Algebra
  • Advanced English

    Read and discuss Lord of the Flies
  • Speaking Experience

    Have the opportunity to give a speech at an all-school event
  • Bringing History to Life

    Argue a position in First Amendent mock-trials
  • Experiencing Washington, D.C.

    Embark on the Washington, D.C. field trip, visiting important landmarks such as Gettysburg, the Library of Congress, the Holocaust Museum, war memorials, the Lincoln Memorial, and Captiol Hill
  • Performing Artists

    Take performing to new heights in the Eighth-Grade Drama Production

Curriculum Guide


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  • Photo of Scott Baeseman

    Scott Baeseman 

    Chair of the Fine Arts Department, Music Teacher, Chorus
    (847) 615-6185
  • Photo of Nan Caldwell

    Nan Caldwell 

    Chair of World Language, Spanish Teacher, US Coordinator of Community Service
    (847) 615-6166
  • Photo of Thomas Crofts

    Thomas Crofts 

    Social Studies Teacher
    (847) 615-6177
  • Photo of Mark DeBernardi

    Mark DeBernardi 

    Visual Art Teacher
    (847) 615-6179
  • Photo of Laura Gabriel

    Laura Gabriel 

    French Teacher
    (847) 615-6240
  • Photo of Jason Gronkiewicz-Doran

    Jason Gronkiewicz-Doran 

    Grade 6 Social Studies Teacher
    (847) 615-6164
  • Photo of Amy Hintzman

    Amy Hintzman 

    Upper School Science Teacher
    (847) 615-6115
  • Photo of Egan Kim

    Egan Kim 

    Upper School Mathematics Teacher
    (847) 615-6155
  • Photo of Marcia Mann

    Marcia Mann 

    Chair of the English Department, Upper School English Teacher
    (847) 615-6157
  • Photo of Greg McDonough

    Greg McDonough 

    Innovation Space Coordinator, STEM+ Teacher
    (847) 615-6220
  • Photo of Mari O'Connell

    Mari O'Connell 

    Upper School English Teacher
    (847) 615-6212
  • Photo of Nicky Pitman

    Nicky Pitman 

    Drama Teacher
    (847) 615-6181
  • Photo of William Scroggins

    William Scroggins 

    Physical Education & Wellness Teacher
    (847) 615-6232
  • Photo of Andrew Sperling

    Andrew Sperling 

    Head of Upper School & Upper School Math Teacher
    (847) 615-6167
  • Photo of Suzanne Stanczak

    Suzanne Stanczak 

    Physical Education & Wellness Teacher
    (847) 615-6122
  • Photo of Ted Stewart

    Ted Stewart 

    Director of Student Programs and Engagement
    (847) 615-6132
  • Photo of Taylor Stuckslager

    Taylor Stuckslager 

    Upper School Mathematics Teacher, Math Department Chair
    (847) 615-6134
  • Photo of Nancy Watson

    Nancy Watson 

    School Social Worker - LCSW/CADC
    (847) 615-6163
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