Dress Program

        I really like the school dress program at LFCDS. There is a lot of variety
in what I can choose to wear each day, but I don't have to overthink it.
-- Current LFCDS Student

For Senior Kindergarten through Grade 8

LFCDS' school dress program reflects the values inherent in the School's teaching philosophy and is designed to:

  • Define standards which are age-appropriate and seasonally comfortable;
  • Allow individual expression of style within specified expectations;
  • Create a level of consistency in attire which will contribute to the overall appearance of the student body, discourage competition in clothing, and promote individual neatness.

The School has adopted a specified wardrobe from a single vendor—Lands' End—that includes many choices (i.e., khakis, polos, oxfords, skirts, skorts, sweaters, etc.), colors, and sizing options. Preschool and junior kindergarten will not maintain current dress code (Please click on the LFCDS School Dress Program Information link below for more information on the preschool and junior kindergarten Dress Program) but certainly may wear items from the school dress program if a family so chooses. For most items, the School's logo is mandatory.

Lands' End

LFCDS has its own customized website with Lands' End, which you can access by following the steps below:
  • Go to
  • Click on "School Uniforms"
  • Click on "Find Your School" on the left side
  • Type in "Lake Forest Country Day School"
    • The LFCDS Dress Program includes many choices for students
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