Social and Emotional Learning

Classroom focus on social-emotional learning serves to
dramatically amplify a child’s success as a student.
-- LFCDS Head of School John Melton

Our Social and Emotional Learning Philosophy

At Lake Forest Country Day School, we believe that a student’s social emotional well-being is a direct contributor to academic success. The LFCDS curriculum is designed to enable and foster SEL core skills in every division through myriad delivery systems. The various SEL delivery systems lend themselves to creating opportunities for students to gain awareness and take charge of themselves, which cultivates the ability to adapt and ultimately leads to the understanding that they have the capacity to shape and direct their path. The School uses a universal language around social and emotional competencies, which allows faculty and students to develop a clear sense of purpose and understanding.
In the Early Childhood and Lower School Divisions (age 2 through Grade 4), teachers utilize the Responsive Classroom Model. This curriculum is designed to create classrooms that are responsive to children’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs through developmentally appropriate educational experiences. Teaching practices include morning meetings, rule creation, interactive modeling, positive teacher language, logical consequences, guided academic discovery and academic choice.
In the Upper School Division, students are placed in a group of 8-10 students which is led by a faculty advisor.  These groups meet for two 40 minute periods during the six-day cycle. This small group forum that provides students opportunities to build and grow the five core competencies of SEL:  self-awareness, social awareness, self-regulation, relationship skill and responsible decision making. Group discussions, group process, group activities, exploration and definition of character traits and time for reflection all serve to activate awareness around core competencies and ultimately build skills in this domain.  

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  • Community Meetings

    The Upper and Lower School Divisions host student-led Community Meetings weekly. 
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  • Community Partnerships

    Building bridges across communities.
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  • Design Thinking

    The process of design thinking is rooted in empathy.
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  • House System

    Each student in Grades 1 through 8 participates in the LFCDS House System—Alcott, Bell, Farwell, or Mason.
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  • Peer Mentoring

    Students buddies form lasting bonds.
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  • Robbie Bermingham Speaking Contest

    Each year, every Upper School student writes a persuasive speech about a topic of his or her choice.
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  • Student-Led Conferences

    Students connect to  and articulate their strengths and opportunities for growth in the classroom.
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  • ThinkGive Curriculum

    This Grade 4 pilot program seeks to nurture empathy and respect.
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  • This I Believe Speeches

    Grade 8 students prepare and perform a short speech regarding their core beliefs.
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