The role of the LFCDS Board of Trustees is to be responsible for the School and the welfare of students and faculty. The board plans, develops, and establishes policy and regularly assesses the performance of the School. The trustees of the School hold regular meetings once each month except during December, March, May, July, and August. At these meetings, the board reviews financial statements, receives committee reports, and discusses and acts upon questions of policy. The trustees carry on this work primarily in small committees to ensure a thorough study and discussion of policy matters. A school requires thoughtful, dedicated trustees who fit the board's and the School's needs, are prepared to volunteer sufficient time to learn about the School and about trusteeship, and who come prepared to board and committee meetings in order to effectively implement appropriate policy for the success of the School.


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  • Full Board of Trustees

    Kimberly Beans
    Christen Bishop
    Jeffrey Brincat
    Sameer Chhabria 88
    Pedro DeJesus
    Ahmed Farag
    Kate Fitzgerald 87
    Bill Giambrone
    Lauren Gorter
    Kristen Hertel
    Jamee Kane 90
    David Keller
    Philip Kelliher
    Zareena Khan 89
    Ted Kovas
    David Neighbours
    Marianne Silver
    Robin Stuart
    Diana Terlato
    Mavi Thakkar
    Joy Hurd
  • Executive Committee

    Ahmed Farag, President
    Marianne Silver, Vice President
    Bill Giambrone, Treasurer
    David Keller, Secretary
    Sameer Chhabria 88
    Kate Fitzgerald 87
    Joy Hurd
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