Why a PK-8 Independent School?

 If I could design psychologically safe schools, every elementary school in America would go from
K through grade 8 and would be no larger than 400 children.
 -- Dr. Michael Thompson, New York Times Best-Selling Author

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  • Education for the Whole Child

    In addition to academics, independent schools also nuture student's personal and social growth and civic conscience. Outside of a classroom, students participate in school-sponsored athletic competitions, artistic pursuits, and leadership experiences.
  • Why a PK-8 School?

    Child psychologists nationwide support the case for the K-8 school model as being the most developmentally appropriate structure for educating children in that age range.
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  • Inclusiveness

    Independent schools foster diverse and vibrant school communities that welcome and respect every family. In 2018-2019, students of color represent 24 percent of total LFCDS school enrollment, with international students representing 11 percent.
  • High academic standards

    Independent schools nurture intellectual curiosity, stimulate personal growth, encourage critical thinking, and promote a lifelong love of learning. More students in independent schools enroll in advanced courses than in public, parochial, and other private schools.
  • Small classes that allow for individual attention

    Low student-teacher ratios encourage close connections between instructors ans students. In 2017-2018, the median ratio for National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) schools was a 8.4 ratio of students to each teacher.
  • Excellent teachers

    Independent school instructors usually teach in their areas of expertise where they strive to develop a full understanding of each student's learning styles, interests, and motivation. Graduated of independent schools have a greater likelihood of completing a bachelor's degree or graduate degree.
  • Mission-driven education

    Whether co-ed or single sex, day school or boarding school, each independent school is driven by its own unique philosophy, values, and approach to teaching. The wide diversity among independent schools allows you to find a school that is a great fit for your student and family.
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