Student Support

LFCDS is committed to supporting our students in all ways; academically, socially, and emotionally.

Using a problem-solving model, teachers, administrators, and student support staff work together to carefully monitor student progress and, when necessary, ensure timely and appropriate interventions. Should students struggle to make expected growth despite interventions, the student support team may recommend an evaluation to gather more information about how to best meet students’ academic and social-emotional needs in school.
Learning Development Services
The team provides services for students with identified specific learning differences, social-emotional needs, executive functioning challenges, and/or speech and language deficits. Learning Development Specialists create Individualized Service Plans (ISP) for students who meet eligibility for specialized instruction. 504 Plans are developed for students with diagnosed deficits who require classroom and testing accommodations. Learning Development Support is provided in one-to-one and small group settings, as well as in the classroom. 

Eligibility and Documentation Requirements
Students are eligible for one-to-one learning development support if they have received a comprehensive evaluation either through a private evaluator or a public school that identifies a specific learning difference or social-emotional deficit that warrants specialized instruction. A speech and language evaluation is required to receive individualized speech and language therapy.
Counseling Services
School counselors support students, their families, and faculty within the LFCDS community in our collective efforts to raise students who are socially and emotionally aware and fluent.  
Classroom/School-wide Interventions
At a school-wide level, all LFCDS students utilize the RULER framework at age-appropriate levels to Recognize, Understand, Label, Express, and Regulate their emotions. In addition, counselors regularly conduct needs assessments to determine social-emotional needs both at the grade level, as well as, within individual classrooms. Counselors provide Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons within each classroom and grade level throughout the academic year.
Individual Interventions
Classroom teachers, administrators, counselors, and learning specialists work together to identify students who may benefit from counseling services.  Parents are also invited to reach out to counselors at any time when they have a concern about their child’s well-being.  When a student is identified as one who could benefit from individual support, counselors reach out to parents to gain consent. This short-term service within the school may result in an outside referral as the school counselors must remain available to support all students. Lastly, students can also self-advocate for support within the school. Additionally, school counselors work closely with outside psychologists and therapists to best support students’ social and emotional needs in the school setting. It is important to note that while all the LFCDS counselors are clinicians, support within the school is not meant to take the place of outside therapy when it is needed.
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