Fine Arts

Understanding that children are artistic by nature and interested in creative expression,
Lake Forest Country Day School has created a Fine Arts Program that is rich, engaging, and
personally fulfilling for each child.
-- LFCDS Fine Arts Teacher

Our Fine Arts Program

Full year courses are offered to all students in visual arts and music, and drama is offered to students in fourth grade and above. Students learn creative modes of problem solving and develop a diverse array of expressive, analytical, and developmental skills. Guided and inspired by teachers who are performing artists and award-winning music instructors, students are immersed in a practical curriculum that promotes collaborative skills, self-expression, perseverance, and confidence in a safe and fun environment.

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  • Visual Arts

    Early Childhood Center students are exposed to artistic concepts within the classroom.
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  • Music & Performing Arts

    All students at LFCDS participate in the music program starting in preschool.

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  • Drama

    Drama engages students in a progressive curriculum in grades four through eight.

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LFCDS Fine Arts Department Philosophy Statement

Education in the arts is an inseparable part of the education of the whole child. The growing brains of our children need to be nurtured on a daily basis through a carefully designed sequence of learning experiences in music, visual art, and drama. Guided through these experiences by trained professionals, children learn to express and interpret ideas through observation and analysis of these art forms. Furthermore, they learn creative modes of problem solving and in so doing develop an array of expressive, analytical, and developmental tools which can be applied to every human situation. In addition, children learn to respect and adapt to others’ ways of thinking, working, and expressing themselves, offering them a broader perspective. Students understand the influences of the arts in their power to create and reflect cultures, both past and present, thus enabling them to make informed judgments about cultural products and issues. Students also develop attributes such as self-discipline, perseverance and collaborative skills, which, while necessary to the arts, are also useful in the larger world. Finally, through experiences in the arts, children develop their capacities in ways that stimulate their imaginations, bring them happiness and a sense of well-being, and cause a feeling of personal fulfillment that they will always cherish and seek to renew through a lifetime of involvement in the arts.
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On Brain Research & The Fine Arts

Neurological research has proven there is a direct correlation between early exposure to a Fine Arts curriculum and the advanced development of reading and mathematics skills. Children who receive early training in music have been known to progress more efficiently with their reading fluency. Early immersion in visual arts is scientifically proven to increase mathematical concept-building skills in children. Overall, brain research shows that a strong Fine Arts education can result in increased connectivity between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and the growth of stronger comprehension skillsets.
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