At LFCDS, technology is thoughtfully integrated into the curricula of each division and grade level. We not only maintain a duty to teach our students how to use technology competently but also responsibly.
Lake Forest Country Day School sees the appropriate integration of computer and communication technology into instruction as a vital component of a twenty-first century education. The School's comittment to educational technology is implemented throughout the School's curriculum and across all grade levels.  

Examples include our in our iPad program in grades JK–2, shared tablet PCs in Grades 1–3, the ePET in-classroom 1:1 student computing program in Grade 4, and the ePAL (electronic Portable Anytime Learning) 1:1 student computing program in Grades 5–8.

In addition, students will frequent the School's new state-of-the-art, 2,800 sq.ft. Innovation Center comprised of a Think Tank, an Innovation Lab, a Robotics Lab, and a Tool Room. Find out more information on the LFCDS Innovation Center here.

Lake Forest Country Day School's curriculum has a strong STEM+ educational focus that provides critical tools for success in today's golbal economy. The School integrates STEM+ education through a series of project-based, semester-long classes in the Upper School and a number of introductory STEM+ activities that are presented throughout the year in ECC and Lower School classes.

Bee-bots and other material are employed beginning in senior kindergarten to introduce and refine coding skills. Students in Lower School take concepts learned in science class and create summative projects that demonstrate applications of knowledge. Examples of STEM+ projects include first graders building simple weather machines, Grade 2 students utilizing design and engineering to create working instruments to study sound waves, Grade 3 students constructing LEGO machines to test Newton’s Laws in action, and Grade 4 students designing and constructing a home with working lights.

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