Innovation Space

Innovation Lab

     With rearrangeable seating for more than 50 students, the Innovation Lab is the place to
prototype, build, test, and redesign.
The centerpiece of the room is the media wall, which features nine flat-screen televisions able to display individually, split into eighteen screens, or project as one giant image. There are shop tables, writable tables, and tables resembling large puzzle pieces, which can be configured in myriad ways. Walls and cabinets are all writable surfaces, as are two towering, rolling marker boards. In addition to both a large green screen and a smaller green screen, there are three large 3D printers designed to handle big jobs as well as four smaller, more nimble portable 3D printers. Students may use the vinyl cutter, the laser cutter, multiple drones, Google virtual reality tools, iPads, and iMac computers. Traditional tools include hammers, files, nails and screws, saws, rulers and tape measures, exacto knives, glue guns, soldering irons, sand paper, drills, dremel sanders, pliers, and much more.

Safety in the Innovation Lab is critical, and students sign a contract agreeing to safe practices and are trained on equipment prior to use. Goggles, both chemical and impact resistant are available along with leather work gloves, latex-free gloves, hard hats, dust masks, canvas aprons and hearing protection.
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