Effective Communicators

An integral part of the LFCDS Experience is the development of persuasive speaking and writing skills. Extensive opportunities to present in front of increasingly larger groups of people are offered throughout the time a student spends at LFCDS. From morning meeting in younger grades to the Robbie Bermingham Speaking Contest in Grades 5 through 8, students develop their ability to effectively communicate their ideas.

Writing skills are developed consistently from Senior Kindergarten through Grade 8 with an emphasis on both form and expression. Graduates of LFCDS are able to transform ideas and information into crisp, compelling and focused writing. Creative writing as well as a love of literature and the ability to think critically and understand structure and grammar are key components of an LFCDS education.

The Fine Arts Program at LFCDS supports creative and dramatic expression of ideas. Students present their ideas through a variety of media, including video, audio, music, and visual representation.
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