Responsible Citizens

LFCDS students understand the concept of community in both local and global terms. From presenting at Community Meetings to partnering with students at local elementary schools in underserved areas, LFCDS graduates understand the impact that a single person can have on a community. Students are encouraged to take active roles in the greater community through individual service learning projects, grade level projects,, and school-wide initiatives afford students opportunities to help others and connect their classroom learning to real-world concerns.

Throughout each school year, students are exposed to global concerns and develop an awareness of other cultures. Families at LFCDS are encouraged to share the customs and celebrations that are important to them. Overall, our programs provide a strong framework for discussions of diversity, inclusion, cooperation, and civic awareness.
A co-educational independent private school for students age 2 through Grade 8.
Graduating students of strong character with a passion for learning since 1888.
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